We Joined Lynn Robison in His Face-Off With Cancer

2014 through 2016 proved to be both difficult times and a turning point for Lynn and his wife. 2014 had left them struggling to recover from the impact of a job loss - the result of economic conditions. One effect of their financial situation was that they could no longer afford medical insurance. They both had medical histories and symptoms which were of real concern, but simply had no coverage options.

In 2015, Lynn learned that his mother, at 81, was diagnosed with terminal cancer which was the apparent residual effect of an early detected and treated uterine cancer. Later in 2015, Lynn's daughter, 37, was diagnosed with an advanced colon cancer which required radical surgery during Christmas of 2015 as well as follow on chemo treatments and a reconstructive surgery in October of 2016.

In mid-2016, Lynn and his wife's employment situation enabled them to have a medical insurance plan; at which time they learned that their fears were validated. Lynn was diagnosed with colon cancer as well and went in for surgery literally as his daughter was leaving the hospital from her reconstructive surgery. As Lynn recovered from surgery, they learned that his wife had melanoma requiring surgical attention scheduled for the day after Christmas this year. Face Off With Cancer is honored to help support Lynn and jump into the face-off circle with him.


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