We Joined Kevin Rodriguez in His Face-Off With Cancer

During a family vacation trip to Legoland, CA in June 2015, Kevin was a healthy young boy whose world was about to be turned upside down.

What was originally thought to be a slight sprain to Kevin's right leg when he was getting out of the shuttle van at Legoland that morning completely changed our family's lives forever. After the initial week of the sprain knee not getting any better, we knew something was wrong and going on given this type of inquiry didn't add up to the pain symptoms Kevin was complaining about in his knee and leg.

Deciding to follow our parenting instinct, we went back to Kevin's pediatrician to ask for an x-ray of the knee to be taken to see if there was a hair line fracture or torn tendon. The initial result was a slight fracture on the right femur in which we were referred to an orthopedic specialist to treat the fracture. The initial consult with the orthopedic doctor revealed nothing conclusive in terms of having a definitive fracture in the right femur after the x-ray results were analyzed. The doctor's first impression was to allow more time for the muscle and bone to heal in a brace since she couldn't determine if there was a fracture or not. She insisted on coming back in three weeks to perform another x-ray and checkup to see if the leg was getting back in terms of mobility and no pain.

However as three weeks passed, Kevin's leg was not getting any better and the pain persisted. During the three week checkup, the doctor noticed the second set of x-rays taken revealed something concerning that she needed an MRI to further see what was going on. She also insisted on getting a second set of blood work taken and kept asking if Kevin's health was ok in terms of energy/appetite which we had not noticed any major changes in his mood or energy. A few days passed after the MRI was completed so we could go back to consult with the doctor about the results.

We still remember that day so vividly which was Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 when the doctor gave any parent the most devastating news anyone can hear..."I am so sorry, but your son does not have any inquiry in his leg and there is something else causing what is going on which I have to refer you to a pediatric oncologists as soon as possible". Our world dropped and stood still as the thought of cancer and losing your boy sinks in.

As the initial shock wore off, tears of sadness and fear kicked in. This is where our world changed forever as we began our cancer journey with Kevin. After countless research and dealing with insurance coverage, we were able to get Kevin admitted into City of Hope. We were so blessed and fortunate to have access to such an amazing world leader institution in cancer research and treatment.

During our initial consult with the oncologist, we began a series of advanced tests/procedures to find out exactly what type of cancer Kevin had. After two surgical biopsies, bone morrow aspiration and MRI/PET/CT/Bone scans, it was determined that Kevin's diagnosis was stage III Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Kevin is a champion. He has progressed positively in his treatment where he is now in maintenance after one year.

Face Off With Cancer is honored to help support Kevin and jump into the face-off circle with him.


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