We Joined Jack Szabo in His Face-Off With Cancer

Starting in the fall of 2016, over the course of several months, Jack suffered intermittently with fever, chills, groin pain and a cough. Being a lacrosse player, he insisted the pain was a groin pull which he had experienced many times before. As for the cough, we were told he had allergies. Jack insisted he was fine and would power through not wanting to interrupt his busy schedule with doctor visits. However, when another round of fevers and chills returned in May, we were determined to get to the bottom of his illness. Upon seeing his primary physician he was thoroughly evaluated, blood work, X-rays and an ultrasound were ordered. Nothing out of the ordinary presented. He began a course of antibiotics which seemed to make matters worse and by the end of about two weeks, upon the advise of his doctor, we brought him to the emergency room. That day was June 1, 2016. The ER physician ordered several tests including a CT scan which revealed a mass in his pelvis, hence his groin pain. On June 5th, Jack celebrated his 18th birthday at the hospital surrounded by family and friends. Unfortunately, it was not until June 13th that we received Jack's diagnosis, a rare aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma called Peripheral T-Cell, NOS. He was at stage IV and the cancer had spread to his bone marrow. He started chemotherapy the next day and has completed six rounds to date. Jack has agreed to participate in a clinical trial and will undergo a bone marrow transplant in November. With Jack's faith, positive attitude, and love and support of his family and friends, he is determined to live his life to the fullest. He continues to do what he loves, which includes his photography and is excited about graduation next year and future college plans. Face Off With Cancer is honored to help support Jack and jump into the face-off circle with him.


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