Face Off With Cancer Joins Anna Robison-Hanely in Her Battle With Cancer

In December 2015, Anna was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The tumor in her colon had perforated and spread through her abdominal cavity. On 12/22/15, she had a marathon surgery at Los Robles, where they removed a large section of her colon, some of her uterus and cleaned up the abdominal cavity to the best of their ability. During the surgery, they had to give her a temporary ileostomy bag so that her colon could heal. Anna then went through 12 rounds of chemotherapy over a 6-month period. She would go to UCLA Westlake Village for a 4 to 5-hour treatment and then go home with a chemo pump for 72 hours of continual chemo. Anna and her husband Colin live in Thousand Oaks, California and have been married for 14 years. Anna has worked in law enforcement in Ventura County for over 13 years and did her best to work through treatment as able. Their daughter Bridgette, who is now 9, plays softball with the Westlake Agoura Girls Softball (WAGS) organization and she would insist on going to any of chemo treatments she could. After finishing chemo, Anna underwent another surgery in September 2016 to reverse her ileostomy and take some more tissue samples of the area along with some other reproductive organs. After surgery she developed an infection in her incision which left her homebound for 7 weeks with a home health nurse tending to her wound. As of today, her team of Dr.’s decided to hold off on radiation and monitor her blood work every 3 months along with PET CT scans every 6 months for the next 3 years. Face Off With Cancer is honored to help support Anna, Colin, and Bridgette and jump into the face-off circle with them.


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