Face Off With Cancer Joins Andy Lucove in His Battle With Cancer

On August 9, 2016, Andy went to the dentist with a loose tooth and headaches everyday. After being referred to an oral surgeon, and then to UCLA, Andy’s lump began to form on his cheek. The doctors at UCLA wanted to get Andy in to surgery right away, but because he started with his dentist and not his primary care physician, Andy had to go see his primary care physician and get referred back to UCLA. After a battle with his insurance company, Andy got a new primary care physician connected to UCLA, during which time the lump on the size of his cheek had grown. Andy went from stage 0 to stage 3 while waiting for referrals. Andy has just started radiation at 5 days a week and after a few weeks they will start chemo once every three weeks. With that combination, doctors are hoping that the tumor will either disappear all together and no surgery will be needed or the part of the tumor connected to the base of his skull will disappear. Although Andy is out on disability, the insurance Andy has in place through his employer will be terminated by company policy soon, as they are too small and exempt from FMLA regulation for policy protection. Once expired, Andy will be given the option to stay on his current policy at his own cost. Without continued regular income and because of the long wait for any Disability Benefits, he will have few resources to pay the mounting daily deductibles for each office visit, test and treatment.

This shockwave has been particularly hard on his 2 young sons who have not been able to see or have their special time with their Dad, in protection of their emotional health.

Face Off With Cancer is honored to help support Andy and jump into the face off circle with him.


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