Face Off With Cancer broadens horizons with the addition of three key staff members

Face Off With Cancer Family,

I am excited and honored to formally announce the addition of three new key members to our all-volunteer staff. Many of our supporters will recognize these individuals from their participation and/or support roles in past events. However, as of this week, all three of them have renewed their commitment to our mission and have become year-round staff members.

Jeremy Aaronson, Vice President of Sales at USI Technologies: UpSellit.com, has been a long-time supporter having both participated and volunteered in several of our fundraising events. He comes on board this week as our Director of Development, where he will take on the challenge of developing and maintaining our fundraising and sponsorship programs. Jeremy's diverse and extensive background in sales and marketing will prove to be a huge asset to the organization as we continue to grow our mission and support programs.

Darine Pokawatana, Director of Product Development at Causecast, is relatively new to our mission, but is no stranger to the philanthropy world. She comes on board this week as our Director of Volunteer Services, where she will be in charge of recruiting, training, managing and recognizing all of the hardworking volunteers that make our fundraising events possible. Having proven her value several times over by coordinating our largest volunteer turnout ever at FOWC2016, Darine's experience in the world of non-profit support platforms has already proven to be an asset to the organization.

Lisa Chan, a Bookkeeper at Barkley Court Reporters, is also relatively new to our mission, but has witnessed the growth of the organization from a close vantage point before recently getting involved at FOWC2016. She comes on board this week as our Bookkeeper, where she will work closely with the Treasurer to ensure the accuracy of our accounting records and practices. Her education and experience in the accounting field will prove to be a huge asset to the organization as the our fundraising goals and mission throughput continue to grow.

Please join me and the rest of the Face Off With Cancer Board of Directors and Staff in welcoming these new additions to the organizations.

All the Best,

Ryan M. King

President & CEO


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