Volunteer Spotlight: Scott Brodie

As a current resident of Moorpark, Scott has been actively volunteering with Face Off With Cancer since its inception. Being a lifelong LA Kings fan, Scott has been playing hockey for many years with 10 of those years dedicated to ice. During that time, he’s developed a strong bond with the hockey community and is able to call many of his current and former teammates his best friends. Off the ice, Scott works as a manager for Amgen and is a family man with his soon-to-be 4-year-old son Alex and wife of 13 years Roberta.

Scott’s role with Face Off With Cancer has varied over the years, proving his ability to take on new

responsibilities with ease. From volunteer coordination to shoveling ice, his most recent contributions have been focused on serving as Secretary and as the Operations Director. Let’s not forget about his hidden talent where Scott performed the nation anthem with his breathtaking voice, which was showcased at FOWC 2016. “I have always felt that the most important thing to do is give back to your community,” says Scott. “I am looking to simply help others in their battle against cancer by donating my time and professional skills. I have had the honor of being involved with every 3-on-3 event since they started in one way another. FOWC really gave me that opportunity to use my skills as a Project Manager to help advance the organization. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be involved with FOWC and I have seen the difference this organization makes by helping people out in their greatest time of need.”


While reflecting on an event that proved to be long lasting and inspirational, Scott recalls the time he was able to work with a group of children and their families that were also facing their own battles in Las Vegas. “Of all the hockey games I have attended over my life, this one affected me the most. I don't remember much about the actual game and only watched a few minutes of it because that night, I had the distinct pleasure of ensuring that our guests had the best time possible, giving out T-shirts, taking pictures with them and explaining the game for those who had questions. I received many high-fives and a few hugs that night from some of the strongest kids that I might ever meet.”

Scott’s dedication to all he’s involved in, whether personally or professionally, has made him an irreplaceable asset to the organization. Face Off With Cancer would like to extend our warmest gratitude to Scott for his continued service over the years. Don’t forget to high-five him at our next event, FOWC Skates Frozen Fury XVIII, in Las Vegas this October!


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