Better Ice, More Games With The Help of Sport Ice USA

Through the donated use of a compact ice resurfacing machine from Sport Ice USA, Face Off With Cancer 2016 will feature 96 games in 2 days on 1 sheet of ice!

In past years, the Mitey Boards that are used to divide the Olympic Rink at Iceoplex Simi Valley into three playing surfaces have had to be broken down for each ice cut. This added several hours of downtime to the fast paced event and reduced the amount of games possible in a single day.

This year, Sport Ice USA has donated the use of one of their compact ice resurfacing machines to Face Off With Cancer, allowing the three playing surfaces to be cut without breaking down the boards between games. This allowed the event to be expanded to 96 games over two days while maintaining an ice quality that is far better than previous years.

Sport Ice USA designs, builds and sells the world’s best selling line of compact ice resurfacing machines. While custom designed and built for the smaller ice rink surfaces found in shopping malls, practice facilities, temporary and portable rinks, their resurfacers have the high performance features of their full sized counterparts.

For more information on Sport Ice USA, please visit their website at

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