Team Captains Memo - 8/6/16

Bear with me...this one is long...but informative!

After having to rebuild a few teams that waited until the player registration deadline to let us know that their team didn't exist, we have finally restored the tournament back to the originally planned 30 Open and 6 Women's Teams!

Now that the majority of the players have registered, we have been able to rank the teams and split them into divisions for the tournament. In the interest of transparency, I intend to share with you just how we accomplish this. So, if you don't care...skip to the bottom to find your division ranking.

How It's Done - The best way we know how without holding tryouts...

  • Objective Player Rating - When a player registers for the event, they are asked a series of objective questions from the USA Hockey Adult Program Guide that we use to rank them on a scale from 1 to 31. The answers to these questions are factual and don't rely on players ranking their own skills. They answer the questions and we determine their ranking level based on the responses. We know that answering questions about playing history can never replace actually seeing a player skate, but it usually gets us pretty close. Combine those with the player's current Rink/Division/Team for comparison and we're left with a pretty good picture of the player. The questions that determine this rating are as follows:

  • Highest Youth Level Played?

  • Highest Adult Level Played?

  • Years of Adult Playing Experience?

  • Current Age?

  • Combined Team Rating - Once the majority of the players on a team are registered, we start to get a picture of what the team is going to look like. We use the following mathematical functions to then rank the teams from highest to lowest:

  • Rating Mean - The average of all player ratings

  • Rating Trimmed Mean - The average of all player ratings without the major outliers

  • Rating Low/High/Spread - The top and bottom players on each team and how far apart they are

  • Rating Standard Deviation - The dispersion of ratings across the entire team.

  • Division Assignment - Using the above statistics, the teams are ranking high to low and split into equal divisions of 6 teams each. This year, we have 2 more divisions than last year so there's going to be a bit more divisional parity. The divisions ended up breaking up like this:

  • Women's Division - There's only 1 this year, so there was no ranking

  • E Division - Novice level teams with a Rating Mean no higher than 8

  • D Division - Bronze level teams with a Rating Mean no higher than 12

  • C Division - Intermediate level teams with a Rating Mean no higher than 14

  • B Division - Silver level teams with a Rating Mean no higher than 20

  • A Division - Gold level teams with a Rating Mean higher than 21

The Results - That being said, here is how the breakdown turned out this year (alphabetically by division):

  • Women's Division (Saturday)

  • Alley Cats

  • Destination Hockey

  • LA Traffic

  • Puck You, Cancer!

  • Puck'r Up

  • Salty Nuts

  • E Division (Saturday)

  • Fighting Unicorns

  • No' Stars

  • Puck Off Cancer!

  • Pucklers

  • Pylons

  • South Puck 1

  • D Division (Saturday)

  • Free Agents

  • Green Van

  • Pama Labeda

  • Chicken Rice & Broccoli

  • South Puck 2

  • Szakos Time

  • C Division (Sunday)

  • Backcheck OR GO HOME

  • Bengay

  • Puck Off Cancer Too!

  • Karen's Army

  • SwashPucklers


  • B Division (Sunday)

  • Hardcore Fitness Hockey

  • Puck Cancer

  • Rusty Kings

  • SoCal BAMFs

  • Team Arbor

  • Undead

  • A Division (Sunday)

  • Believe

  • PoundTown

  • Rosemary's Hot Sauce

  • Tangerine Global

  • Team Cohen

  • VC Force

Game Schedule - Now that the teams have been broken down into divisions, the game schedule has been filled in and available online at

Jersey Update - As mentioned before, all players will be given a BLACK tournament jersey to wear during the event. Except you'll be wearing it when you're the AWAY team. Have your players bring LIGHT jerseys to wear when you're the HOME team. They don't have to match or be numbered. The game schedule indicates which bench you're on and what jersey you're wearing each game.

Thank you all for getting your teams registered and filled! We look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!


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