Volunteer Spotlight: Tim Lang

Tim Lang at the 2015 Arizona Hockey Classic

Tim has been volunteering with the Face Off With Cancer organization from the very start. Being both a player and a fan, Tim has been playing hockey in some form or another since 1994. He started off by buying a super cheap pair of Rollerblades and a hockey stick, then utilized a school parking lot to learn how to play. Being that he didn’t know how to skate, Tim jokes, “You really would have to call the event more 'picking my bruised self up off the pavement' than you could call it 'playing hockey'.”

Tim Lang participating in a Face Off With Cancer charity game.

When reflecting on what inspired him to join the cause, Tim says, “I think the effects on people's lives are the biggest difference we can make. Seeing how our beneficiaries react when we do our check presentations is positively inspiring.” His involvement has not only impacted the success of the organization, but has also led him to become the Director of Merchandising. When he is not volunteering or playing hockey, you can find Tim working his knowledge as an IT professional, game designer, and musician.

Face Off With Cancer would like to thank and acknowledge Tim for his hard work and dedication in executing our mission to raising funds and awareness for those affected by cancer. Make sure to say “Hi!” to him at our next event!

Tim Lang supporting Face Off With Cancer at Staples Center


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