Face Off With Cancer Joins Donovan Eckhardt in His Battle With Cancer

Donovan Eckhardt was a dedicated husband, father and firefighter from Renton, Washington. Having lost his father to the complications of an 18 year battle with leukemia in early 2010, he was also a strong supporter of the fight against cancer. Donovan’s own battle with cancer started in late 2013 when he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. After initial treatments appeared to have beaten the cancer, Donovan suffered a relapse that would ultimately result in the impending end of his battle with the disease. Having cleaned out his locker for the last time and been placed in hospice care, Donovan spent his last days with his two and a half year old son William and loving wife Jamie, who has since given birth to their second child. In an effort to offset the mounting costs of Donovan's battle with cancer and to help establish a fund for future support of his family, Face Off With Cancer awarded the Eckhardt Family a $5,000 support grant.

Support Nomination By: Karen Eckhardt


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