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Show your Face Off With Cancer pride with products from our online logo shops!

Discount Logo Store

T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. provided by's Online Merchandise Store for Non-Profits.  50% of all merchandise purchased will support our mission!

$9.99 and Up

Premium Logo Store

Custom, premium apparel from's online logo shop.  15% of all sales will benefit Face Off With Cancer's mission!

$19.99 and Up

Car Window Stickers

Show your pride and support for Face Off With Cancer on the back of your ride with our car window stickers provided by!


Helmet Stickers

Identify your brain bucket and show your support for Face Off With Cancer with our helmet stickets provided by!


Stick Bandits Tribute Stick Labels

Pay tribute on your twig to those who you 'Face Off With Cancer' for with our stick labels provided by!


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