The following non-sponsored (privately funded) students at the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care Paramedic Education Program have been selected to receive the Ryan M. Sorek Memorial Scholarship.

Marc LoGrande

Biography Pending...

May 2019 Class

Eridin "Rose" Sheffey

As an avid rock-climbing enthusiast, mountaineer, whitewater rafter and horsewoman, Rose enjoys being able to use her skills to help others while also sharing her knowledge with those who aspire to do the same.  She feels strongly that Paramedics willingly face the absolute worst that human kind has to offer and take control of the situation with a level head, a firm voice, compassionate heart and gentle hands to bring hope and comfort in someone else’s hour of need.

May 2018 Class

Martin Mapazian

Marty's path in emergency medicine started later in life, after a vibrant career as an actor, writer and independent filmmaker.  As an artist, and as an EMT, his life motto has always been “To Make A Lasting Impact on the Lives of Others”.  Whether as a paramedic with LA Fire, volunteering internationally, responding to natural disasters, or working in medical clinics or hospitals, his intention is to be of maximum service in his community and throughout the world.

May 2017 Class

Konrad "Theo" Krzywicki

A native of Seattle, Washington, Konrad views paramedicine as a stepping stone to his long term goal of starting an organization that specializes in foreign and domestic aid, disaster relief and education.  He envisions a global organization that employees emergency medical services personnel and veterans with the goal of working with developing nations to empower their citizens.

May 2016 Class

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