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The Ryan M. Sorek Memorial Scholarship offers a two-part scholarship to a single, private (non-sponsored) student that has been accepted into the upcoming May session of the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care Paramedic Education Program. Upon selection, recipients will be awarded a $2,500 tuition scholarship. After successful completion of the program, recipients will be awarded an additional $1,000 scholarship to cover licensing, accreditation and registry fees as well as a 24-month subscription to JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services) Magazine.


  • Applicants must have received a notice of acceptance to the upcoming May session of the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care Paramedic Education Program.

  • Applications must be a private (non-sponsored) student

Important Dates (Upcoming May Session)

  • ***UPDATED*** - 7/1/2020 - Scholarship Application Deadline

  • ***UPDATED*** - 7/20/2020 - Scholarship Recipient Decision

  • ***UPDATED*** - 7/24/2020 - Scholarship Recipient Notifications

Application Instructions

  1. Get Accepted - After receiving an acceptance notification for the upcoming May Session of the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care Paramedic Education Program, visit the Scholarship Application page to review the information that will be requested.

  2. Prepare Your Essay Responses - In a single document, prepare your essay responses to the following essay topics:

    1. In 250 words or less: Tell us about yourself, why you want to become a paramedic and how doing so fits into your long term goals.

    2. In 500 words or less: Tell us about your most memorable case as an EMT. What did you learn from it? What would you have done differently?

  3. Obtain Two Letters of Recommendation - Obtain two different letters of recommendation that speak to your personal and professional character.

    1. One Personal Reference

    2. One Professional Reference

  4. Submit Your Application -  Visit the Scholarship Application page to submit all of your application materials.

Selection Criteria

The scholarship selection committee is made up Ryan's surviving family and some of his closest friends.  It is our goal to select a recipient that best embodies the qualities that we admired so much in him.  Our recommendation is to be yourself in your application and let your true feelings about why you are in emergency medical services speak for themselves.

Selection Notification

All scholarship applicants will receive notification of decision by the date listed above via email and will receive additional written notification via postal mail in the week following.

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